Posted by: Kerry Gans | February 12, 2009

I am a writer

I am a writer.


That is a powerful statement. The brevity of the words “I am” belies their definitive power. “I am” cuts to the essence of who and what you are as a person. A strong statement, “I am.”


I am a writer.


The force of that statement first hit home when Jonathan Maberry spoke about it in one of his workshops. We students had all shared what we “were.” Most of their statements were similar to mine: “I’m a video editor who has always loved to write, and wish I could write for a living.” After we were done, Jonathan told us that if we were serious about writing for a living, the first thing we had to do was define ourselves as writers. We had to start thinking of ourselves and introducing ourselves to others saying, “I am a writer.” He claimed that thinking this way would place writing as a high priority in our lives, that we (and others) would begin to take our writing seriously, and that it was only then that we could become successful as writers.


Jonathan was right. I began thinking of myself as a writer first. Very soon, I was no longer a video editor who writes, but a writer whose day job was video editing. Then (due to my wonderful, supportive husband!), I got the opportunity to quit the day job and pursue writing full-time. I make some money editing (words, not video), but the majority of my time is spent pursuing my craft and my dream. For the first time in my life, I wake up every day eager to get to work!


I am a writer!



  1. You are a writer
    And those of us who have been fortunate enough to read you writing agree – you are a writer!


    • Re: You are a writer
      Thanks, Nancy! When do I get to see The Fifth again? Or its sequel? Can’t wait!


      • Re: You are a writer
        Those are very empowering words and (as usual) Jonathan Maberry is right: we have to see our selves as writers in order to take the craft seriously and have others take us seriously.
        Write on, Kerry!
        On a semi-contradictory note, Nathan Bransford recently blogged on this topic – and people had strong opinions. You may be interested in taking a look at their thoughts :
        Clearly this is a topic that people have strong opinions about! But regardless, you are correct – you are a writer. (And a talented one too!)


  2. a writer
    Hey, “I’m a writer” too. Check my bio; it’s in there somewhere.
    Naming the self. Be, Do , Have.
    Who, though, is the boy, ‘Okie’? You are, in part.


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